10 event manager handbag essentials

Verity Prosser

Event Director twitter.com
May 30, 2016 Live Events

1. Tape Measure

This may not seem that important but when you’re on site and you need one and you don’t have one, it’s a huge headache. Tape measures are particularly useful when helping to clarify what you see at the event is as per the floor plan.

2. Power Bank

Not only is this great for keeping my phone charged but also the other few hundred event delegates who also all want to charge their phone! For this reason, I carry the multi-adapter charger that can charge Samsung, BlackBerry and iPhone.

3. Rollasole

These shoes were originally designed for ladies with sore feet at the end of a long night of dancing. We love these handy shoes and wouldn’t be at an event without them! They are also now available in leopard print!

4. Deodorant, hand sanitizer and sunscreen

These are essentials particularly when working at outdoor events. I usually buy the miniature sizes from Boots to maximise the space available in my handbag.

5. Sewing kit

This is mainly used for pinning hostesses and models into their dresses at events. Needle, thread and safety pins to the rescue!

6. Granola Bar

Busy events don’t allow for a lunch break so snack bars keep my energy levels high.

7. Lighter or matches

When venues are asked to light the candles for dinner, they never seem to be able to do it quick enough so I like to be able to give them a helping hand. Matches are also perfect for burning off stray threads on clothes.

8. Asprin

To banish that headache away to some far-away place so I can focus on my event.

9. Hair ties and bobby pins

Perfect for scraping my hair back when I’m over heated!

10. Heel Stoppers

These are essential for events that take place on grass. As well as the ladies in our Event team using them, we also offer these to event guests. No one wants to be responsible for a broken Louboutin!

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