Interactive Entertainment: TEC's Bob's Box

Allen Sabanal

Event Executive
May 7, 2017 Live Events

It’s called Bob’s Box, but this ‘box’ can be fully branded to fit any event theme.

This interactive entertainment is suitable for both adults and children alike. Bob’s Box has previously entertained guests at family fun days as well as attracting visitors to exhibition and mall stands.

Get your guests’ competitive spirits up with this game, where participants step into the box, and have a pre-set amount of time to grab as many sponge balls that are blown up by the fan.

This game can be customized in various ways, from branding on the outer box, the colours of the sponge balls, the timing to collect the balls, and the height of the ball drop, making it a great option for any type of event where some excitement is desired.

Several of our clients have enjoyed this game at their events, including Dubizzle, Nickelodeon, BlackBerry and Etihad.

If you are looking to up the energy at your next event, contact us for entertainment options.

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