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October 6, 2016 Employee Engagement


The end of the year is coming up (where did the year go?!), and many of our clients are starting to think about wrapping the year up and planning 2017’s marketing activities.

It is also the time of year when many of our clients look at how they are going to celebrate the successes of the year and show their employees some appreciation for their efforts and contributions.

Internal events are usually the talk of the office for the majority of employees whilst the Marketing, HR or Internal Communications teams usually have the stress and worry of pulling together an event that gives employees a unique experience that has been more enjoyable and more memorable than previous years’ events. The pressure is on!

At TEC, we are experienced in managing employee engagement events of various types from A to Z throughout the Middle East and North Africa.

  1. Gala dinner / Awards ceremony

This is usually a more formal evening event, and the focus is on thanking the employees for their hard work, with awards given out to a few outstanding members of staff or departments.

This is also a good opportunity to give a short update on the company’s achievements over the year, as a way to motivate everyone for the following year.

While this is usually an internal event, spouses are sometimes invited as well.

Entertainment, games, dancing and good food ensure that everyone has a memorable time!

  1. Family fun days

As the name suggests, this is an event for employees and their families. This is usually more relaxed, in the day time, and often outdoors.

At TEC we have arranged family days from 80 guests right up to 4000 guests.

Due to the variance in age of guests, from young children to more senior individuals, entertainment needs to be carefully selected. It is easy to focus on entertaining the children with face painting, clowns etc while leaving the rest of the guests to fend for themselves. At TEC, we consider all guests to ensure that everyone is taken care of, with games and entertainment for all ages.

  1. Teambuilding

Teambuilding events are an excellent method to increase teamwork skills and communications, and improve productivity and morale within the company.

Employees are generally put through a series of challenging tasks that require teamwork to accomplish, which allows people in the team to identify their strengths and weaknesses, and helps to sharpen their creative thinking skills.

Teambuilding events often end with an awards ceremony or gala dinner.

If you’re considering an employee engagement event, contact us today to find out how we can help you!

TEC is a communication agency specializing in Live Events, Exhibitions, Employee Engagement and Destination Management throughout the Middle East and North Africa.


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