The Show must go on: What events could like post COVID-19

Natalie Crampton

Director, TEC
May 6, 2020 Live Events

Now more than ever, we are committed to working with our clients, suppliers, partners and the relevant authorities to put measures in place to ensure a safe and healthy event environment for all clients, delegates and vendors.

What will the ‘new normal’ look like? We don’t have all the answers just yet but based on the information received to date on the virus, we have started to think about what measures could be put in place on site to ensure the safety for all and give clients and delegates the confidence and reassurance to attend meetings and events once again.

1. Temperature checks

Our region really is leading the way in precautionary measures to keep all guests, staff and visitors safe. From thermal cameras spread across venues monitoring body temperatures, to hand-held temperature gage checks on arrival, we see these continuing to form part of the day to day procedures for events as we continue to develop speedy but effective processes.

2. Social distancing guidance and implementation

We’re sure by now, everyone is well aware of social distancing protocol and guidelines, but we have no doubt these measures will continue over future events. With clearly marked floor stickers promoting social distancing and providing clear paths for guests to follow, you are able to regulate your attendee’s movement whilst maintaining the delegate experience.

3. Hand sanitizer and gloves

It’s becoming routine for most of us already, however precautionary measures will continue with sanitizer stations available at every check point throughout events, and even as far as guest bedrooms. We expect gloves will continue to be worn by all services staff, vendors and partners as precautionary safety measures.

4. Appropriate layouts

Floorplans have always been a starting point when research and planning events but with social distancing restrictions in force for the foreseeable future its essential we plan for optimum seating layouts. Not only will we need to accommodate for additional space, given government policy, but allow us to adapt to a new style of seating placement that will form as standard along with additional entrance and exit points to provide staggered flow of delegates and staff.

5. Food and Beverage

One of the most talked about topics post-event is always the catering. With disposable being the most common solution to our event needs, it is key that we adopt this approach in a responsible manner and ensure we keep to our Sustainability promise. Where possible, local and recycled materials will be used for cutlery. Personalized travel mugs sourced locally, for re-usable purpose, and managed refill stations. We look to eliminate self-serve buffets, encouraging venues and caterers to create pre-packaged sustainable lunch and snack boxes ensuing minimal contact for delegates, partners and vendors.

 6. Digital Elements

Hybrid events are looking more and more likely as we push forward. Live streaming and speaker video conferencing are now the new ‘normal’ and something we are sure to be seeing a lot more of even when travel restrictions are relaxed. Gamification and digital technologies were already on the increase to engage and interact with your audience, but they now serve a new purpose, supporting audience interaction whilst taking events online – no one wants death by zoom and these new technologies are helping bring to life the virtual experience. Always the optimist, it’s also helping us be a little kinder to our environment!

7. Extended duration’s

With uncertainty around travel restrictions and government approval on the size of live event audiences we predict a trend with extended event program duration’s allowing for reduced size of audience across and extended number of days. Essentially catering for the full target audience but distributed over a longer period to ensure safety of all involved.


Which ever way we look at it, we know the way we manage events will never be the same and it is essential we adopt new and effective health and safety measures to protect the legacy of live events.


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