Gadgets, Apps and software event managers need to know about

Aron Bentley

Operations Director
July 28, 2016 Live Events

Anyone who works in the events industry knows it can be extremely tiring and often stressful. Any gadget, App or software that helps to make an event run smoothly or adds an additional spark of creativity for client is more than welcome.

The following few paragraphs give five insights into what techniques event managers at TEC use on a regular basis.

A really useful tool at events is to use an App to manage the guest list and onsite registrations. Guests shouldn’t be left waiting in line while their names are looked up on longs lists of printed names, a simple App running on a tablet will speed up the registration process.

A simple way of streamlining a common feature of a corporate event is to replace pass around cordless microphones with a throwable microphone in a lightweight branded foam box. This allows guests to pass the microphone between themselves; encouraging audience participation and making Q&A more interesting.

All event planners value arriving at a venue for an event setup knowing exactly what the plan is. One tool TEC use to make sure this happens is online floor planning software that can be shared by everyone involved in the project. The software helps create accurate floor plans with all the elements positioned to scale in the event space.

Another simple tip for the operations team is to carry a laser measure to site visits and planning meetings. Venue floor plans and measurements are surprisingly often inaccurate – having a laser measure means all key measurements can be verified easily.

It’s extremely important for key members of the project team to be accessible and online at all times. A final basic essential that TEC event managers all believe in is to always carry a mobile power bank to keep smart phones charged and ready.

These are a few simple insights into TEC event planning techniques. It you would like to know more about TEC and our services please contact us today.

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