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Rania Rustom

Event Manager
August 15, 2016 Live Events

As an event agency, we frequently rely on freelance entertainers, hostesses, promoters and models for our events. When we first started out, we used to outsource this to specialist agencies, but in 2012, we brought this in-house, and we now manage our own database of over 500 freelance staff.

Below are a few benefits we have enjoyed since this shift to in-house managing of events staff:


  1. We can pass on cost savings to clients

Previously, using external agencies meant there were additional fees to pay to third parties. Removing the middle man has resulted in cost savings for our clients allowing us to be more competitive.


  1. We can make sure staff are legal to work in the UAE

It’s surprising how often we used to be offered talent from third parties that were not on the correct visas or eligible to work in the UAE.

Employing freelance staff in the UAE without the correct paperwork can result in hefty fines for both us as the agency and the client.

Managing our own database enables us to vet all of our freelance staff and ensure the correct paperwork is in process. This also means that our insurance is valid.


  1. We can liaise directly with staff

One of our key frustrations was the length of time it used to take to relay messages when going through a third party. And often the communication was misunderstood and the message wasn’t passed on exactly as we wanted it.

Something that has been a major benefit for our Event Managers since moving our freelance database in-house is the ease with which we can communicate with our freelance staff.


  1. We can ensure brand consistency

Since we know our staff. we try to use the same people for the same clients as much as possible, and for events within similar industries.

This means that someone who has already built up knowledge of a brand and has a good rapport with the client will be used for their future events as much as possible, which isn’t always possible when going through a third party.

We’ve seen our staff in action and how they handle various events, so this makes it easier for us to choose who to use for specific events.


  1. We have built a loyal team

As we work with many of our freelance staff week in week out, we have built strong relationships with individuals who have become extremely loyal to TEC.  This has resulted in our freelance team going above and beyond to help us ensure an event is a success.


  1. We can recommend the right people

Our freelance database covers a very wide variety of nationalities, language abilities and specialities from around the region; all of whom we have a deep understanding of their previous experience and skill sets. This enables us to make sure we’re recommending the right person for the project, every time.

Whether you’re looking for a Bilingual English and Mandarin speaking hostess for a corporate Chinese New Year dinner or a team of tech-savvy promoters for an IT exhibition in Qatar, we will know who to recommend.


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