Interactive Entertainment: TEC's Music Mash Machine

Allen Sabanal

Event Executive
May 10, 2017 Live Events

At TEC, we like to update our event entertainment options regularly, and one of our latest new ‘toys’ is the Music Mash.

This is an innovative and interactive game that allows players to create their desired music by just placing and moving the sound keys on its surface, becoming DJs in seconds!

The Music Mash as well as the sound keys can be easily rebranded to suit any event theme or design, making it a suitable entertainment option for any event, be it a conference, teambuilding event or exhibition.

This fun “DJ machine” has been used at events by Sephora, Le Meridien Al Aqah Resort, and GBM.

If you want to be a DJ at your next event, contact us for entertainment options.

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