Our tips to help visitors glide through DWTC with ease

Natalie Crampton

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August 14, 2016 Exhibitions

Exhibition season is starting soon, and Dubai World Trade Centre is going to be abuzz with thousands of exhibitors and visitors from around the world. Here are some tips to help make your visit as easy and comfortable as possible.

  1. Register in advance.

Rather than jostle with the crowd to get in the queue at DWTC itself, register online in advance (most exhibitions give you this option), print your pass, and glide through the doors of the exhibition you are attending.

  1. Take the metro.

Even if you manage to get through the traffic heading towards DWTC, finding parking will probably drain whatever energy you have left (unless you plan to pay a fortune at the paid parking area). If you don’t live near a metro, drive to the nearest station and leave your car there, or take a taxi to the metro station closest to your home.

  1. Plan your exhibition route.

With the sheer number of exhibitors at each exhibition, it is next to impossible to visit all the stands you are interested in within a day. It is easy to find exhibitor information and stand locations online, so plan your route in advance rather than walk around aimlessly.

  1. Beat the lunch crowd.

There are many great cafes and restaurants at the Dubai World Trade Centre, but lunch time brings along big hungry crowds at all of them. Avoid this by scheduling your lunch break before 12pm or after 2pm to minimise time spent queuing. If you think you’re going to need an energy boost within the peak time, bring along a granola bar to tide you through.

  1. Wear flat, comfortable shoes.

This is not the time for your fancy heels or new painful shoes. Exhibitions involve a lot of walking – look after your feet!

  1. Take plenty of business cards (and a pen).

A trick used by many exhibition participants to help them sort through the hundreds of business cards they receive is to attach each card in a notebook, with a short note about questions that were asked or documents that should be sent over once the exhibition is over. Visitors also find it useful to make a note on business cards received from exhibitors to help them remember what they need to follow up on.

  1. Avoid approaching booths when they are busy.

Trying to get the attention of someone on a really busy booth can be quite frustrating. If you’re visiting a trade show and find a booth really busy, make a note to go back to that booth towards the end of the day or early the next morning when it should be much quieter.

We hope these tips will help you get through the next few months of exhibitions!

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