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Zehra Zafar

Business Development Manager
February 13, 2017 Live Events

The weather in the UAE has been cool over the last few months, and people are rejoicing by emerging from the constraints of their air-conditioned shelters to enjoy the great outdoors again.

“Winter” in Dubai is a cause for joy for event professionals as well, as this means a huge increase in possible venues for events.

Before things heat up again, here’s a list of a few of our event managers’ favourite outdoor venues to consider for your events –

  1. Al Maha, a Luxury Collection Desert Resort & Spa, Dubai

We recently had an internal celebration for one of our clients at this venue.

It is about an hour out of Dubai, but it was definitely worth the ride, and you can enjoy the scenery and the animal sightings (camels and deer) along the way. The campsite is very unique, and the tents create an amazing atmosphere. They also allow you to play around with the theme as required.

The campsite can only be reached by a 4X4, which is quite an experience, but it is only a 10 minute drive from the resort in case any facilities are required.

It helps also that they have a generator, which is useful for AV. The staff are also very experienced with event, and willing to assist with any requirements.

I would suggest using this space for evening events, as the sunset is amazing and should not be missed!

Al Maha


  1. The Address Montgomerie

The outdoor venue at The Montgomerie is made of two adjoining lawn spaces, one a few steps higher than the other. Both the upper and lower lawn face the lake in this picturesque and quiet setting of the Montgomerie golf course.

This space is quite private, and is partially enclosed by the trees.

There isn’t much lighting in that area, but easy access to power is available for night events.

The Address Montgomerie

  1. The ELs Club

The Els Club has a very spacious open lawn space, which makes it suitable for large, spread out events such as family days and teambuilding events.

This space is also suitable for evening events, as they have adequate lighting already, with ample power supply for any additional requirements.

Another plus point for this venue is that there is good access to sheltered parking.

The ELS Club

  1. The Palace

The garden at the Palace is not normally used for events, but we used it for a Chinese New Year dinner for a client.

The ground is not very even, but this was not difficult to level out for the stage and other various requirements.

This space is suitable for intimate dinners, as it is a relatively private area with a “Secret Garden” feel, and only the sound of the fountains in the distance.

We enhanced the existing lighting with lanterns hanging from the trees to add to the ambiance.

The atmosphere in this area is great, with an amazing view of the Burj Khalifa lights sparkling right nearby.

The Palace

  1. Dubai Design District

This is quite an up and coming venue for events, and can accommodate up to 300 people comfortably. With its unique layout and the white shipping containers that can be decked out according to the theme of your event, this space is great for more causal, laidback events.

A few important points to note is that events can only take place after business hours as it is an office area, and they have very strict policies on F&B and music, so start applying for permits at least two weeks in advance.



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