Possibly lifting the ban on Skype and FaceTime in the UAE

Verity Prosser

Marketing Manager
May 23, 2018 Live Events

The National published an article in April 2018, on the news of the possible ban on Skype and FaceTime being lifted in the UAE.

As an international team we know what advantages this will have for us speaking to our family and friends from our home but we have had a look at the advantages of this on our communication from an event industry perspective, here is our top 5:

  1. We execute events in many locations, our events team can keep in touch face-to-face for our update meetings. There are many advantages of having these meetings face-to-face, including sharing samples of event resources whilst reviewing quality with clients and our international suppliers/partners.
  1. With our clients based all around the world having face-to-face meetings will ensure we can stay connected. It is documented that face-to-face meetings builds relationships.
  1. We have many international attendees who visit our clients UAE events, this will ensure they can easily keep in contact with family and friends, as well as their offices, whilst they are visiting the UAE.
  1. Cost savings for both us and our clients, Skype and FaceTime are a free alternative.
  1. Opening new opportunities for our RSVP service, video call follow ups with attendees could be the way of the future!

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