Stress Awareness Month

Nellie Njire

Event Manager
April 8, 2018 Employee Engagement

April has many monthly observations that we like to acknowledge. With a another busy events week behind us, we are looking at stress awareness today.

It is said that Events Coordinator is the 5th most stressful job!

10 most stressful jobs

10 most stressful jobs. (Ref: Business Management Today)

All our roles within TEC can face some stressful moments throughout the day, from the admin team processing event permits within strict deadlines, to the event team creating amazing event proposals and budgets, and to the design team producing artwork in time for production.

We want to keep stress levels to a minimum. There are many tips for keeping your stress levels low in the events industry but these are our favorite 5:

1.Take breaks when we can – we do a monthly team night out and try to ensure it’s on a date when most of the team can attend. This is unique opportunity for us to switch off from our events and spend some quality fun time together to bond as a team!

Last team night out in March

March team night out at Trader Vic’s in Hilton Jumeirah

2. Creating action plans and event timelines – we always create a running order, action plan and timelines for all of our events to help us ensure we have everything planned and ready, therefore reducing stress for us and allowing the client to see they can rely on us to ensure all basis are covered!

Aron's mega excel plan for one of his events!

Aron’s mega excel plan for one of his events!

3. Note taking – we always take notes and follow up with minutes in any meeting with a client, partner or colleagues. This allows us to ensure we have all the details noted and action plans well documented. No last minute surprises means less stress!

4. Collaboration as a team – we have a range of skills in all areas of events across the whole team. Working as a team means we can ensure new and creative ideas are being thought of all the time. Working as a team means that we all have an investment in each event and share any stresses that maybe felt and can help manage time together

5. Always have fun – we take the planning and management of an event seriously, but as a team we always try to have fun together also whilst working. This also means that any stress we may have been feeling won’t be seen by the client, passing the feeling of being stressed onto your client is something we at TEC would never do.

Silvia and Miriam enjoying some downtime at their last event!

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