TEC Celebrates Philippines' Independence Day

Jillian Wieser

Business Development
July 4, 2019 Employee Engagement

The 12th June saw the Philippines Day of Independence and with a great portion of our beautiful TEC team coming from that part of the world we though it a good excuses to immerse  our office in a cultural experience. Using opportunities like national days to experiment on the way we communicate with each other in unique and interactive ways. Believing that the experience we all have as a team helps and supports our clients in  communicating their vision and messages  through their events.

Gathering around a dinner table, breaking bread, opened communication levels in a different way. The simple act of eating with our hands, changed the dynamic  of the room and laughter filled it.  Experiencing cultures opens the doors to our creative awareness. This got us thinking, organizations are increasingly on the hunt for experiential activities and elements that they can use to engage and communicate to their audiences, be it their employees, clients, partners and customers, just as event guests also wants to see and experience something more. How do we help our clients tell their stories. One of the ways we explore this is by experimenting internally, creating alternative environments to generate exciting ideas, break down our barriers and communicate messages. Simple and impactful.

The Boodle Fight feast for the Philippines Day of Independence was a great example of this. We laughed and joked and enhanced our sense of team. Some fun and exciting ideas came from this lunch and we are energized to try them on our clients soon.


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