New Year Resolutions

Jillian Wieser

Business Development
January 8, 2020 Employee Engagement

As  we enter into a new year many of us take time to reflect on the last 12 months and the road ahead for the new year. Apparently 50% of the population make new year resolution however only  55% will keep this goals for the first month and 40% will keep them for at least 6 months.  Here at TEC event management we took a moment to reflect on the New Year Resolutions from event professional prospective on reinvent or improve themselves on a professional and personal level, and some inspiration and motivation for how to achieve them!

As event professional in the UAE we have had a look at what resolution TEC event management could    actually stick to and improve event management in 2020 . These are our 4 resolutions 😊

  1. Stay up to day with new Event management Trends – with the busy and last minute nature of the event industry here in the UAE its can sometime be easier to say “ lets stick to what we did last year” then to push our clients and say “ hey why don’t we try something new this time” We need to take a stand and be a trendsetter in the world of event management in the UAE. So lets promise to offer our clients cool trendy events in 2020!
  1. Analyze our events in more detail – This is a hard one its like exercise you know that its good for you and all the benefit associated with it but we always put it off for tomorrow. But once you find the perfect sound track to get moving too then it all falls into place and the results speak for themselves. TEC event management in 2020 will try to stop and reflect on this and improve our services in 2020 bases of our analyze.
  1. Investigate new Tech solutions – Virtual reality to RFID are changing the face of the event industry,  for the better in most cases. However the speed in which this tech solutions move and evolve has added more to our plate for event management industry. Adding research, reading, sourcing as well as additional costs to our events.  Over to be a leading trendsetter with in event and destination management in the UAE this is something we need to be knowledgeable on and will put our operations team to work on this.
  1. Work Life balance -The Events and Exhibition industry can be a 24/7 year around job and finding that work life balance can sometimes be easier said than done. The management of client’s expectations definitely is escalated by this demand. As professionals we need to step back and breath enjoy the events we are executing and take a moment to appreciate the buzz of why we are in the industry.

Four important steps we at TEC event management need to breath in and welcome to 2020. May we all be bless with fun events and a successful year.

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New Year Resolutions

January 8, 2020

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