TEC hires Margaret Lake to solve the age-old problem of accurate feedback

Natalie Crampton

April 1, 2018 Live Events

Speaking about the new appointment, Director Natalie Crampton, said: ‘We’re really excited to welcome Meg to the team. Her skills are second to none and she has made a name for herself as one of the best in her field’.

Natalie continued ‘We have many methods in place for visitor and attendee event feedback but sometimes it’s hard to know if the feedback received is 100% accurate. We have been searching for ways to be better at this.’

Aron Bentley, Operations Director added: ‘Meg brings an exciting new opportunity to get event attendees immediate feedback with no effort required from the attendees. This mean that the event can be reviewed immediately which provides huge potential for us. Meg will also be assisting us with getting honest and accurate feedback from clients too.’

Margaret is best known as her stage name, Mystic Meg. She became a household name after landing a regular slot on the National Lottery in 1994. Mystic Meg predicts (4 mins 44 seconds)

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Whilst we would like to be able to read our attendees and sometimes clients minds during events, unfortunately this is not a service we have developed yet!

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