Our top 5 tips to keep the conversation going

Natalie Crampton

Director, TEC
May 11, 2020 Live Events

We know a face to face meeting with your clients is irreplaceable but in this challenging window of time, TEC believe it is our responsibility, as the agency who would usually be facilitating your live events, to propose ideas on how you can continue to communicate with your clients, partners, employees, media and stakeholders.

With Covid-19 putting a holt on all face to face engagement the event industry, now more than ever, needs to be working in the most innovative and collaborative ways possible. With this said, there are still many alternative ways in which you can keep your brand alive and in the forefront of your partners, employees, clients and customers minds during these times of uncertainty.

With so much uncertainty, it is vital you keep in contact with your partners, clients and customers. Taking your event online is a great way to keep your 2020 marketing and event strategy on track and there are several tools TEC can use to help bring
your events to life.

TEC has a team of professional, hard-working and creative employees, and we believe we have the skill set in-house to be able to turn something so negative into fruitful and exciting new way to allow your brand to continue communicating.

To request a full copy of our ‘Keeping the Conversation Flowing’ document, with all our initiatives, please contact us on hello@tec-events.com

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