Our Values: Growing our business in the right way.

Natalie Crampton

Director, TEC
May 6, 2020 Live Events

How we do business is as important as why we do business

  • Be agile: Move fast, be bold, be mobile, be passionate, be less afraid of making mistakes than we are of loosing opportunities by moving too slowly


  • Be bold: Take calculated risks, dare to be different, push boundaries, make bold decisions, even if that means being wrong some of the time


  • Be a leader: Innovate, collaborate, think, explore new ideas and new ways of doing things. Take our industry to places it’s never gone before


  • Be responsible: Accept responsibility and delegate responsibility. Create a positive impact on our planet, society and economy, work with charities, educate and pass on knowledge


  • Be dependable: Stand firm for what is right, be a team player, deliver on promises, use common sense and be a trusted partner to everyone we interact with


  • Be open: Always have honest and transparent communications, be present, be genuine, listen, value different perspectives and treat everyone fairly

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