The funny and bizarre world of client requests

Zehra Zafar

Business Development Manager
July 17, 2016 Live Events

At TEC we’re really proud of the relationships we have built with our clients.  One of the things that we feel stands us out from our competitors is our ability to ‘make things happen’. We strive to go that extra mile and to accommodate our clients’ weird and wonderful requests whenever possible.

I spoke to our events team to present to you some of their tales from behind the scenes of events they have managed (Event Managers and clients shall remain anonymous!).


“We had a Japanese themed event where the client required traditional Japanese sweets. Just three days before the event, the supplier let us down and could no longer deliver the sweets on time. I didn’t want to let the client down, so I took a 9 hour flight to Tokyo to source them! The client to this day is completely unaware of the effort that went into sourcing these sweets. At least I can say I’ve now been to Tokyo, even if it was just for six hours!”


“I was on site at an event and the client surprised me by bringing their own mascot which they wanted to use right there and then to meet and greet the audience and as a photo opportunity.  This hadn’t been planned for and there was no one available to do this, so I had to step into the shoes of a huge, fluffy mascot! The client was really grateful and couldn’t have said thank you enough which made it all worthwhile!”


“I was on site for a three-day exhibition set up, and during the final hours before the show was due to open, the client mentioned that the rust effect on the fake drain pipes on the stand wasn’t authentic enough. I grabbed a paint brush and had a go at making them ‘more rusty’… the client was so happy with the effect that he asked me to make everything on the stand rusty! I ended up staying at the exhibition all night!”


“I was on annual leave with my sister who was in labour at the time. A client called to ask me if I had ‘access to baby tigers’ for a photoshoot that was happening the next day. I was very tempted to say ‘of course, on shelf 9B in the warehouse’, but instead I professionally responded and said ‘we don’t work with live animals’.”


“While managing an activation stand in Qatar, the floor got really bad scuff marks from the mall staff who were fixing something in the mall roof over night. There was no one available from our team to come and fix the flooring quickly so I bought shoe polish from the close by supermarket and painted over all the scuffs. No one knew any better.”


“I was at an event when one of our hostesses was taking ages in the bathroom getting changed into her outfit. When I went to check on what the delay was, I found out she had given the wrong measurements for her dress, and couldn’t button it up (and was too embarrassed to come out and tell us). Five minutes before the event started, we were sewing her into her dress.”


“I was once asked to get 1000 empty beer bottles to create a pathway of broken glass. I had to speak to a local night club to help me source the bottles and then I had to make sure the glass was broken before the event which was quite a challenge. The client decided four hours before the event that they didn’t require the broken glass anymore!”


“We were a month and a couple of days away from an event that I’d been working really hard on when the client called me to say she’d got mixed up with the months and the event was actually in two days’ time! Thankfully, I was really organized with the event and on top of most elements that we were able to execute the event in just two days.”


“At the last minute, a client requested to store some left over items from an event with us. This was a couple of years ago when our warehouse was a lot smaller than it is today and was at capacity. Not wanting to let our client down, I said we could do it and took the items to my spare bedroom at home. The items were at my house for about a month before we got our new warehouse facility and before my mother-in-law was visiting for a vacation!”


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