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Natalie Crampton

Founder and Managing Director
April 12, 2016 Live Events

There’s nothing more frustrating for an #eventprof than when you’ve spent several hours, days or sometimes weeks designing a slick stage set and your headline speaker gets on stage with the dullest slide deck you’ve had the misfortune of observing.

Not only do I feel like our beautifully designed stage set has gone to waste but I also go as far as questioning the events existence. As anyone who works in the event industry knows, a considerable amount of time, effort and money goes into every event and if the event messages are not delivered in an engaging, thought provoking and inspiring manner then the event can be a complete waste of time for everyone involved.

Here are my three favourite easy-to-use tools to help turn those dull snore-inducing presentations into something that is interactive, engaging and interesting.


Instead of slides, Prezi makes use of one large canvas that allows you, with motion, to pan and zoom to various parts of the canvas to emphasize your ideas and bring them to life.

Haiku Deck

Haiku Deck helps you to clear away the clutter, keep formatting clean and consistent and simplify messages by using images to amplify emotional impact. is an audience interaction tool which allows speakers to conduct Q&A sessions, live polls and real-time presentation sharing.

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