Meet the team

Our international team have a breadth of industry expertise allowing us to deliver exceptional events to a diverse range of clients

Angela Gonzales

Office Manager

Fun fact: Angela is Justin Beiber's number one fan and knows the dance moves to every one of his songs.

Natalie Crampton

Managing Director

Fun fact: Natalie has twin boys, a letter from the Queen, a Blue Peter badge and at last count, has visited over 50 countries.

Giulia Dellepiane

Creative Director

Fun fact: Guilia loves to create handcraft jewellery in her spare time.

Nellie Njire

Event Manager

Fun fact: Nellie grew up in Kenya surrounded by elephants, lions and giraffes.

Silvia Castro

Senior Event and Marketing Manager

Fun fact: Silvia wakes up to Latin music every morning.

Florence Swanborough

Event Director

Fun fact: Florence danced through her youth on London's West End stages.

Alysson Clarito

Event Executive

Fun fact: Alysson is a keen baker and has previously worked at the luxury five star Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi.

Jed Dalog

Event Executive

Fun fact: Jed used to be a radio DJ in the Philipinnes.

Assiya Ismagambetova

Event Executive

Fun fact: Assiya is fluent in Russian, English and Korean but only speaks a little of her country’s native language which is Kazakh.

Nick Gatus

Graphic Designer

Fun fact: Nicks has been playing badminton since 5th grade and became a young professional coach in high school!

Jeffrey Cabute

Senior Graphic Designer

Fun fact: Jeff loves to draw comic strips and has watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy over ten times.

Pauline Villaruz

Graphic Designer

Fun fact: Pauline may come across as shy but she is far from it… she used to be a bassist of an all-girl rock band.

Ian Aquino

Graphic Designer

Fun fact: Ian’s creative talents include acting and choreography.

Jillian Wieser

Business Development

Fun fact: Jill has met a US President.

Marilou Evangelista


Fun fact: Mari is a huge fan of Korean dramas, and is addicted to the "Princess Hours" series.

Saad Rana

Operations Director

Fun fact: Saad can eat the spiciest chili without dropping a single tear!

Fahad Buksh

Senior Operations Manager

Fun fact: Fahad is a keen DJ and has been playing the drums since he was 15 years old.

Joshua Calma

Operations Executive

Fun fact: Looks can be deceiving! Joshua may look small but he can lift very heavy objects!

Mohammed Qaiser

Operations Executive

Fun fact: Mohammed’s guilty pleasure is reality TV.


Stress Buster

Fun fact: Tipi loves roast chicken, has a boyfriend called Mav and her two best friends are cats.

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