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Hilton Vienna FAM Trip & IMEX 2018

May 24, 2018 Exhibitions

This year I was invited to be hosted by the Hilton team at IMEX 2018 in Frankfurt, Germany.  In addition, Hilton organized a pre-IMEX FAM trip to Vienna, Austria with the Saudi and Middle East hosted buyers team.

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Possibly lifting the ban on Skype and FaceTime in the UAE

May 23, 2018 Live Events

The National published an article in April 2018, on the news of the possible ban on Skype and FaceTime being lifted in the UAE.

As an international team we know what advantages this will have for us speaking to our family and friends from our home but we have had a look at the advantages of this on our communication from an event industry perspective

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Deskfast Day

April 12, 2018 Employee Engagement

As a team we usually often eat our breakfast in the office, but today is a day to celebrate this in all offices!



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Stress Awareness Month

April 8, 2018 Employee Engagement

April has many monthly observations that we like to acknowledge. With a another busy events week behind us, we are looking at stress awareness today.

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TEC hires Margaret Lake to solve the age-old problem of accurate feedback

April 1, 2018 Live Events

Speaking about the new appointment, Director Natalie Crampton, said: ‘We’re really excited to welcome Meg to the team. Her skills are second to none and she has made a name for herself as one of the best in her field’.


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