Tools to jazz up your presentations

Tools to jazz up your presentations

April 12, 2016 Live Events

There’s nothing more frustrating for an #eventprof than when you’ve spent several hours, days or sometimes weeks…

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7 ways to beat event stress

April 6, 2016 Live Events

A recent study by US-based CareerCast ranked the ‘Event coordinator role’ as the fifth most stressful job…

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10 event manager handbag essentials

May 30, 2016 Live Events

This may not seem that important but when you’re on site and you need one and you don’t have one, it’s a huge headache…

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Working in the events industry is a bit like marmite

March 16, 2016 Live Events

When you meet someone for the first time outside of work one of the first questions that comes up is….

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Reality check - Will virtual technology revolutionise our industry?

March 9, 2016 Live Events

A current hot topic within our industry is virtual reality and how it could soon transform live events industry by eliminating…

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