The success of TEC is driven by our award-winning in-house team, our people are our power. Each aspect of our business, TEC Live, TEC Virtual, and TEC Content is operated by skilled individuals with years of in-depth experience and who consistently deliver excellence to our clients.


Founder and Business Development Lead

Fun Fact : Natalie is mum to twin boys, has a letter from Queen Elizabeth II and is well travelled having visited over 60 countries.


Internal Marketing Executive

Fun Fact : Andreea embodies a unique blend of chill and adventurous spirit. Calmly and fearlessly delving into the unknown just for the thrill of it, yet finds herself in a complete panic if her phone goes missing.


Cultural Specialist

Fun Fact : Back in 2020, Thin started running an online bakery just for fun. Her greatest milestone was a bridal shower cake. Now, she keeps the sweetness flowing by trying out new recipes from YouTube at home.


Head of Design

Fun Fact : Jeff loves surfing....the internet!


Graphic Designer

Fun Fact : Hassan is passionate about creating short-form content. He is dedicated to build a prominent presence on social media platforms, where his work resonates with an audience that appreciates the visually appealing storytelling.


Graphic Designer

Fun Fact : Hlaing loves to play games a lot and likes traveling often.


Graphic Designer

Fun Fact : Nicko is an avid traveler often spotted across various UAE locations camping, hiking, and swimming. His ultimate dream? Exploring the world's natural wonders.


Digital Director

Fun Fact : Louise is a running addict and can regularly be seen racing her way around the UAE. Her greatest achievement to date is running the Dubai Marathon and she hopes one day to run the London Marathon!


Digital Executive

Fun Fact : Mavina's journey evolved from hobbyist dancer to professional judge at her university's talent show. Based in the UAE, she juggles roles as a model, anchor, and an influencer, dreaming of becoming a renowned lifestyle icon.


Digital Executive

Fun Fact : Shoaib used to play football almost every day. Then he stepped into the corporate world. Now, one day in two weeks is a rare blessing.



Fun Fact : When Jamshi isn't scoring goals or smashing birdies on the court, he loves exploring the desert and enjoying nature's beauty.



Fun Fact : Vipi's passion lies in capturing stunning moments with his mobile camera, especially mesmerizing sunsets and picturesque landscapes.


Event Manager

Fun Fact : When Adrian is not running events, he can be found tearing it up on the Rugby pitch, playing various formats in the country, and naturally at the afters two-stepping the aches and pains away. A true balance!


Senior Event Executive

Fun Fact : Arlanda can hold a wall sit for 5 mins and has visited 40 countries - Rio, Miami and Capetown being amongst her favourite destinations. Basically, any city close to the ocean is where she's in her happy place.


Event Manager

Fun Fact : Jasmit, a sports all-star since school, excels in numerous sports and leads a vibrant Fitness Bhangra group with over 450 workshops. As a part-time anchor, he hosts lively roadshows, aspiring to take his energetic sessions worldwide.


Event Manager

Fun Fact : Serena is a huge Rap, Hip Hop and Afrobeats enthusiastic. She loves live performances. Hence, you will find her at concerts or festivals. As a good Italian, she is also a savvy foodie and enjoys cooking. Her favorite delicacy straight from her hometown is the Olive All’Ascolana. Go google it!


Operations Director

Fun Fact : Saad's journey began with a friendly snooker tournament among friends 12 years ago, evolving into an annual championship. He's proudly held the undefeated champion title for the past 6 years.


Operations Manager

Fun Fact : Akash is an adventurous foodie with a knack for exploration, a laid-back charm, and a winged companion for the ride.


Operations Executive

Fun Fact : Aziz was a desert driver who thrived on dune bashing, crafting unforgettable Dubai desert experiences for tourists. He is also a talented all-rounder cricketer, having clinched the Man of the Match title several times.


Office Manager

Fun Fact : Angela is passionate about cycling. It’s her #1 stress reliever and a way of life that brings her lots of joy and satisfaction!



Fun Fact : Mari started playing darts when she was 10 years old but stopped after accidentally hitting her cousin. She picked it up again at 27 and won the game.



Fun Fact :