The success of TEC is driven by our award-winning in-house team, our people are our power. Each aspect of our business, TEC Live, TEC Virtual, and TEC Content is operated by skilled individuals with years of in-depth experience and who consistently deliver excellence to our clients.

Regional Heads


Founder and Head of MENA

Fun Fact : Natalie has twin boys, a letter from the queen and has visited over 55 countries!


Head of Asia

Fun Fact : I love my bees, although not a huge honey eater, Mel likes to use the honey and wax to make her own skincare products


Head of North America

Fun Fact : An avid equestrian Kelly regularly competes with her horse Breezy, she also enjoys sipping Champagne and all things music!



Event Manager

Fun Fact : Steph loves to travel and explore new places. With a love for fashion, beauty and the arts, travel is the perfect way to inspire new ideas


Event Executive

Fun Fact : Adrian loves Rugby and plays regularly, is passionate about music, and a loves a good Dubai Friday brunch!

Digital and Content Creation


Digital Director

Fun Fact : Louise is a running addict and can regularly be seen racing her way around the UAE. Her greatest achievement to date is running the Dubai Marathon and she hopes one day to run the London Marathon!


Head of Design

Fun Fact : Jeff obviously loves surfing…..the internet


Head of Video Production

Fun Fact : “I love cycling around the city to find new places to shoot, and at the same time to stay fit and healthy!”


Graphic Designer

Fun Fact : “For the love of Korean Food! Pauline has almost mastered the art of making “(G)Kimbap”, a Korean-style sushi. She’s no expert when it comes to cooking but when preparing this comfort food, she’s on a roll.


Graphic Designer

Fun Fact : Nick is a avid badminton player and has been playing since 5th grade, he was also a young professional coach in high school – don’t challenge Nick to a game if you want to win!



Fun Fact : This photo was taken when I customized one of the car using airbrush and paint and until now  whenever I'm free I use to custom an airbrush design for Murals, Shoes, Bags or even Vehicles.


Animator / Videographer

Fun Fact : Kenneth is a bit of a pool shark! He can be found sinking the balls in his spare time in locations throughout Dubai



Operations Director

Fun Fact : A few of us friends started a snooker tournament 12 years ago among ourselves which turned into a yearly championship, and I am the undefeated champion for the past 6 years!


Event Executive

Fun Fact : “Daryl is a calligrapher and a hand-lettering artist, he loves spending his free time creating personal projects. He’s also a stationery addict and owns more than 150 different kinds of pens up to date.”



Office Manager

Fun Fact : Angela is passionate about Cycling, it’s her number 1 stress reliever and a way of life that brings her lots of joy and satisfaction!



Fun Fact : Mari started playing darts at the young age of 10, however when she accidentally threw the pin to her cousin she took a break from the sport! At 27 Mari picked the darts back up and won her first game!