Bloomberg Wellness Week


December 2023




Event Planning and Management // Venue Management // Vendor Management // Design and Branding // Logistics // Content Creation // Gifting

The Brief

We were approached to plan wellness week for Bloomberg, with the aim to offer a variety of activities and experiences which would benefit employee’s wellbeing and health.

Bloomberg are dedicated to the wellbeing of their employees and after a very busy COP period this was the perfect time before the end of the year for some relaxing and fun to be hand in the office.

The event needed to be inclusive for all, deliver a range of activities from calming and mindfulness, to high energy and competitive games, across the 4 days.

The Experience

The event took place in the Bloomberg offices and took careful planning to ensure all activities could take place whilst ensuring business as usual. Our design team created the branding and look and feel for the duration of the event, including LED Cubes, Digital Signage and content.

The week was mapped out to offer a balance of activities and themes, with each we sourced a local small business who would run the activity and also have the opportunity to promote their business to the Bloomberg team – the sessions were wide ranging, from RPM, Yoga, Mediation and fitness body assessments.

The highlight of the week was the office Olympics which consisted of 4 challenges, including Table Tennis, Air Hockey, Plank challenge and a holdem bar challenge. The activities were available for employees to use throughout the week and on the final day a competition was held to find the office Olympic champion within each activity (great for their competitive sales team!).

In addition to the scheduled activities, we proposed 4 local SME’s to cater for the Bloomberg teams during the event, this also aligns to Bloomberg’s commitment to supporting local businesses. We also sourced sustainable gifts for employee desk drops which happened throughout the week to build excitement around the event.

60 - 70 attenteeseach day

4 days of events from 11-14 December

High energy and lotsof fun from employees!