HSBC Future Cities


October 2020


Creative Concept// Design // Artist Management// Event Management// Production // Build // Logistics//Digital Content Production

The Challenge

This event was an integral part of HSBC’s commitment to building ‘Future Cities’ and were delighted they felt that TEC were the best content agency to roll out this important project.

The TEC content team were tasked with developing exciting content to celebrate the HSBC contribution to the UN Future Cities Day. The ultimate goals were to tell this aspect of the HSBC brand story and raise awareness of how they contribute to, develop and provide finance for digitally integrated cities that are fit for the future. The campaign needed to run throughout five major cities and focus on the HSBC target audience.

The Experience

We identified five cities which fitted into the ethos of the UN Future Cities Day – a plan to build cities that are Sustainable, Educational and SMART. The objective was to create a series of projects called ‘Visions of Our City’ exploring the dynamics, history, current position and the future of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Cairo, Istanbul and Riyadh.

We supported HSBC by identifying local influential artists to paint the visions of each individual city in massive art pieces (10x12m) all in line with HSBC’s sustainability values. We revealed these murals in celebration of the UN World Cities Day. TEC managed everything from identifying the artists, finding venues and the transport of the final pieces. We also sourced specialist air purifying paints and hung the paintings on building exteriors. This reflected HSBC’S commitment to sustainability and helping the environment. TEC also delivered an extensive suite of digital content to support the campaign, this included videos, city reports, banners and social media.