Nokia Product Launch


December 2020


TEC Studio


Concept Creation// Design and Branding// TEC Studio Production// Influencer and Media Management// Presenter // Photography and Videography

The Challenge

TEC has hosted Nokia press events for several years, which are normally in person with eighty media reps flying in from around the region for a fun and interactive experience.

Due to the pandemic and travel restrictions this year we needed to think a little different… Whilst we weren’t able to fly in media from around the region we were able to host UAE based media at the TEC In House studio under strict safety guidelines, we then connected around the region with other media guests to create a dynamic and engaging Hybrid product launch event.

The Experience

Creating an experience for in person and virtual guests to fully immerse in the features of the new product took a little creative thinking, we needed a way to demonstrate the USP’s in and engaging way.

We partnered with 3 regional influencers who each had expertise within the USP’s of the new phone, they tried the phone out for a few days and created a 3-minute video with real life examples of the phone features. At the event we created three breakout experience rooms within the TEC Studio to showcase the new launch USP’s: Imaging, Performance and Design. Each room was hosted by the influencers who gave a live demo and took Q&A. This was an interesting, interactive way of engaging the media via real life user generated experience.

To ensure a professional flow and production of the event, moderation was managed by TEC’s Owner, Natalie Crampton and production involved a team of seven staff with six camera views across the studio. Last, but not least the TEC’s in-house creative team added the finishing touches to this successful hybrid event with a fully branded studio and deliver pre and post guest communications.

15 media attendees physically in the office

65 connected via zoom

Hosted and produced at the In-House TEC Studio