Total Annual Conference


February 2021


TEC Studio


Concept Creation// Technical Production// Digital Platform and Content// Video Production// Talent Management// Moderation

The Challenge

‘Majestic Mogul’, Total’s annual Distributor Conference is usually held in exciting and exotic locations. In 2021, global travel restrictions meant that TEC needed to inspire and engage participants with a creative and unique virtual conference.

Attendees were joining from virtually from the UAE, GCC, Africa, Asia, and the Middle East and eighteen speakers were presenting from four different locations.

The Experience

We kicked off the project by building a branded bespoke online platform, to seamlessly deliver everything for the delegates; from invitations, registration, agenda building, networking with other delegates, live streaming of the speaker sessions, interaction and competitions – the platform was a huge success with guests, who found it super helpful having the whole event content in one place.

Our digital content team also produced a comprehensive communications strategy for pre, during, and post-event sharing of information, which allowed us to build anticipation, encourage attendance, and provide technical support. All proceedings were immaculately filmed in TEC’s purpose built and professionally branded studio, where our founder Natalie Crampton hosted the event ensuring smooth and professional flow. To add excitement to the virtual event we sent beautifully presented surprise packages to the attendee’s homes to be opened when prompted during the event.

Gifts contained delicious dates to accompany a morning coffee and a deluxe branded leather apron that linked to the surprise guest, Chef Nursret aka Salt Bae who presented an electrifying virtual BBQ Masterclass, which had been filmed by the TEC content team prior to the event.

14 Countries simultaneously joined the session

6 hours of continuous Live Streaming

2040 engagements on the platform

A warm thank you to all the TEC team that worked on this project. You did a great job! We can’t thank you enough!

– Total Team

Big congratulations for putting together such a wonderful event during this pandemic.

– Attendee